Tuesday, May 8, 2007

SL & Flickr meets inworld

Thanks to Vint Falken, I finally found a way to merge my desire to script in Second Life and merge SL with RL more, blurring the line with a neat way to connect both : showing flickr pictures inside world. According to this source it is feasible despite the author using some sort of "easy and obvious" server code he doesn't share with us. FreeView seems an even more interesting source for an intuitive way to import external media in world.

I just hope to have enough time to merge both in order to have an automatic slide-show from a flickr RSS feed.
Holidays are soon !


Timothy Lilliehook said...

Hey! Got me interested with the first blog post, good work ;)
Please keep us updated with your work on the Flickr connection, cause that is something I'd really like to see. Especially if it automatically reads the RSS-feed and thus stays up-to-date by itself.
Another way of showing Flickr pics is Photomovr (http://www.photomovr.com/), which transforms the pics into a Quicktime Movie. More on that stuff in this discussion at Flickr

Kris Constellation said...

Thanks Timothy,
In fact I already have a working little script which needs more work to deal with LSL limited capabilities. But in fact I'm glad it's possible to make both interact !