Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Another WebService inworld : Google Calendar

Thanks to Second Style I just discovered another way to link both rl and sl with the use of google calendar and a hud inworld. Finally a new tool to play withing sl, maybe we could eventually have access to the firefox burried in the SL client like the help system and merge both web and SL.

Slowly both worlds are intertwining and we will maybe come closer to the matrix (from Neuromancer from William Gibson, not the movie, This Is a Must Read). Our life will maybe not only be from RL, but slowly becomes a patchwork of many "little" lives around virtual worlds..

/me checking a date in his SL calendar to remind to post new philosophical thoughts later.


Timothy Lilliehook said...

Thanks for these philosophical thoughts! I totally second the recommendation for Neuromancer, one of the best books ever (in my humble opinion).

BTW, another nice way for mixing up SL and RL is Twitter (http:/// combined with a Twitter HUD in SL ;)