Sunday, October 14, 2007


Sorry to disappoint many of you if I've been a long time out of Second Life, but First one is always the most important and it has really eaten a lot of my spare time. It won't really change for the next few months but at least I didn't totally disappeared.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

RL dictates its rules to SL

This post from Vint Falken made me think about a RL friend of mine who's too much afraid to play now because it's much less a community than a marketing buzz system like the web became when RL companies started to invest.

You won't be able to fight this system has LL need money to run, and companies come here more and more to invest and show off. We are only a few months before advertisements based renting of land or free based renting if you use company tools.

So, to answer you Vint, movies are pure fictions whereas avatars acting in wars or griefing are really doing malicious actions against other people hence TOS violation.
Writing rules is a hard task especially as SL is such a new playground, it's not your usual free chat room backed by university, it's a business that needs to comply with RL rules.

However, LL plays fine with us with open-source client, open bug-tracker, open-blog, open script and build system. It's still a freedom playground.

FlickrView 0.5 & 16kB barrier

Spending some time on improving FlickrView to make it more user-friendly and shareable, I've stumbled upon a dreading trouble :

[2:38] FlickrView: Script run-time error
[2:38] FlickrView: Stack-Heap Collision

Huh ? Everything was under control until I checked memory :
[2:41] FlickrView whispers: Script uses 16048 Bytes

Ok, I've only 16384 bytes available, so my margin is really thin now.. or I have to rewrite / split the script in chunks in order to make it deal with more than 16kB which is not so easy.

Now, I understand more why advanced objects have so many scripts inside to decouple the logic of the code and not break the 16kB barrier..

Time for refactoring..

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Paradise Lost under WindLight

Here's my contribution to show off new Windlight's First Look in Second Life. I'm still amazed about that simply changing sky and lighting can enhance so much the rendering.

There are still some glitches and slowdowns currently of course, but future seems a bit brighter since as I've blogged earlier, a whole new team of programmer is now dedicated to graphical improvements.

Finally... Linden Labs seem to be listening users which is really fine.